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Research Conference Oasis in “Homeopathic Desert”

12 December, 2013 by David Finer

Homeopathic IC´s reporters are not easily daunted. Recently, we reported from the European Sceptics Conference in Stockholm. This time, we have attended the First Nordic Homeopathy Research Conference, held in Gothenburg, Sweden. All with the aim of giving our readers hot news from the frontiers of CAM research and debate. Following on Dr. Peter Fisher´s characterization of Sweden as a “homeopathic desert”, the meeting was a revitalizing oasis, at least for the already converted. Read more

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Policy News

Stockholm Skeptics Study Self-Deception

2 September, 2013 by David Finer

The 15th European Skeptics Congress in Stockholm mobilized speakers from around 10 countries and about 160 participants. The theme of self-deception ran through most contributions. The lectures will air on the Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company´s Educational Channel later this fall. This is the first report by I C´s medical reporter David Finer. Read more

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