Integrative Care

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Research News

Curiosity, Altruism Influence “Human Guinea Pigs”

30 October, 2012 by David Finer

A study on participants in clinical trials (“human guinea pigs”) challenges the basic assumption that one can distinguish specific from non-specific treatment effects. It also shows that curiosity, altruism and status-seeking are part of the reason why people take part in clinical trials. Read more

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Policy News

CAM methods introduced in Switzerland pending review

19 September, 2012 by David Finer

In Switzerland, patients will be able to get CAM treatments under the auspices of state-funded health care, at least through the year 2018. This is a result of new scientific studies and a referendum. There has been quite a heated debate going on in Switzerland the last few years as to whether certain CAM methods […] Read more

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